"For the Least of These."
Delivered By
Rev. Travis Shafer
Delivered On
May 5, 2019
Central Passage
Matthew 25:31-46
Suffering and the Christian Life Sermon Series, Sermon 11

This is the final sermon in the "Suffering and the Christian Life" series. As humans we suffer in many ways. Throughout this sermon series we have explored many topics related to human suffering. We have looked at why suffering exists and God's soveriegnty in and over our suffering. We have also explored different ways in which we suffer: sickness, grief, anxiety, and persecution for being Christian. In this sermon we focus on poverty. A significant number of our neighbors suffer from poverty, lack of access to food and clean water, and economic and social oppression. In this sermon we look at poverty and begin to get a foundation of how to view and respond to poverty through a Biblical worldview.