Christology Statement from Ligonier Ministries
This is a statement put together by Ligonier Ministries to help answer the question, "Who is Jesus?" from a Reformed theological view. If you follow the link you can read the statement, a preface, and a series of affirmations and denials that will help with the understanding of the statement itself.
This is a great website with great prices. If you are looking for any specific Christian books consider looking here.
Monergism Books and Resources
Another resource for all things Reformed theology. This is a great resource that has a book store and you can also find hundreds of free ebooks available for download.
Ligonier Ministries
This is a fantastic website and resource for diving more deeply into the Reformed theological tradition.
PCUSA Creeds and Confessions
This link will take you to a website that has the historical creeds and confessions that reflect the Reformed theological tradition that the PCUSA has historically clung to.
  May 2021  
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